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A Courthouse Elopement Wedding

Some couples who are getting married prefer a courthouse wedding for multiple reasons. They may want a stress-free wedding with no rules to follow, or some may have only a few weeks to plan their wedding. Other couples are simply interested in an intimate or small wedding, while also wanting a budget-friendly ceremony.

Planning for a small courthouse wedding doesn’t mean that the couples must compromise on details that are important to them, like the bride wearing a beautiful gown, doing her hair and makeup, or compromising on the photography.

Lora and Kody wanted to tie the knot in a small intimate ceremony. That’s why they choose a courthouse wedding. It was very important to them that the day was to be documented by a professional wedding photographer.

The couples arrived at the Milwaukee County Clerk’s Office one hour before their court ceremony. They were surrounded by family members, love, laughter, and happiness. After the ceremony, Lora & Kody wanted some pictures of themselves at the courthouse with the beautiful architecture of the place.

Courthouse weddings tend to have a flexible timeline. They are light, relaxed, and fun. The focus of those weddings tends to be on creating beautiful pictures that reflect the couple’s personality. The couples were interested in pictures at the historical landmark of Villa Terrace.

Our last destination was at the lake at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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