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A Native American Ojibwe Tribe Wedding Ceremony In Muskego WI

Nathan & Lauren planned to get married in a small, intimate outdoor ceremony. They wanted the ceremony to reflect Nathan’s Native American heritage.

The Ojibwe tribe ceremony tradition requires couples to choose a sacred landmark for their wedding ceremony. It must be an outdoor ceremony. The couple chose the place in Muskego, and the sanctuary was surreal. The officiant was already there when I arrived, preparing for the ceremony, blessing the place, and turning on the bonfire. The ceremony took place under an arbor and at noon, as required. It included many beautiful rituals, prayers, sacred songs, pipe-smoking, wood burning, and aromatic plant igniting.

The bride & groom were covered in a beautiful handmade blanket to symbolize unity. Pipe smoking for the bride & groom and the eagle song was essential to the ceremony. I’ve been asked not to take pictures during the performance of the eagle song due to its secrecy. All their rituals are meant to cleanse the couple, and the pipe's smoke is meant to carry their prayers to the Creator.

Tobacco was offered to all attendees to be ignited after the ceremony for blessing.

The bride was wearing a beautiful green gown. The bridesmaids wore colorful dresses that looked great with the outdoor backdrop.

After the ceremony, the couple’s portrait session occurred at the same location.

Dinner and speeches came after the session.

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