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A perfect Outdoor Ceremony Wedding At Western Lakes Country Club.

Jessica & Andy started to plan for their wedding a year and a half in advance. After they found their venue, Jessica started researching wedding photographers. During our first meeting, Jessica shared with me how much Andy hates pictures and long pants, however, he was willing to pose for pictures (and wear long pants!) to make her happy. The venue was

The venue was Western Lakes Country Clubs. I knew that we didn’t have to change location for pictures. The landscaping was gorgeous, which created a perfect backdrop for the couple’s pictures.Jessica was interested first look before the ceremony, and she wanted to do all portraits before the ceremony because she wanted to enjoy the cocktail hour with family and friends.

It was expected to rain that day, so an indoor location for the ceremony was set up as well. Thankfully, the sky cleared up one hour before the ceremony which allowed for a perfect outdoor ceremony.

I always plan on a 10 to 15-minute golden hour, or sunset pictures if the weather permits, which is mostly done dancing starts. The outcome for Jessica and Andy was a beautiful moody blue sky.

Receiving a thank you card form the bride and groom is always heartwarming for me. It was truly a pleasure getting to know Jessica & Andy and to be part of their wedding day.

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