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A Portrait Session With Your Pet

Are you a pet lover who is looking for a way to commemorate your relationship with your pet? A portrait session with your pet would be a great idea to do so, whether you want to focus on your pet or include them with your family session.

I frequently get asked by couples or families if they could bring their pet along with them to the photo session, and my answer always is absolutely! I would love for them to join, but I remind them to bring a supply of the pets treat and their favorite toy.

As a photographer, I always like to spend some time with the pet before I start shooting, just to give them a chance to get familiar with me as a person. The owner’s presence is also essential during the whole session. It’s nice for photographers who work with pets often to familiarize themselves with the animal’s body language, so they can to be responsive to their needs.

I do consider myself one that can tell a story with pictures - a story that the pet’s owner would like to remember. It’s important to me that those pictures reflect the pet’s personality, and the connection between the bet and the owner.

Pet photography does require lots of patience. I believe that there is a resemblance between photographing a toddler and a pet, because both respond to interaction rather than instructions. Both can read the body language and the tone of the photographer very well and respond accordingly. Due to the fact, if a photographer is stressed and frustrated, it will reflect on their behavior - and subsequently the outcome. Also, both require the photographer to go down to their level for some great pictures. My best advice for pet photography would be to go with the flow and enjoy the process.


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