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a Winter wedding at The Venue, East Troy, WI

Laila & Brandon had been together for a year & a half; they met in a prayer group.

"During that meeting, I shared a personal issue that I struggled with, Brandon listened, and his comments were kind and uplifting! This is when I first noticed him." Laila said during our initial meeting together.

"After I came back home, I kept thinking about the girl I met today, so I called a friend and got her number," Brandon said. "It was not easy to persuade her to go out on a date, but I was successful in the end," Brandon continues. "We met at a Cafe. The first date lasted for 4 hours; we had to leave because the coffee shop was closing!" Laila said.

"This girl that I had to persuade to go out with me kept talking for hours!" Brandon said while smiling at Laila.

If I had to describe Brandon & Laila's wedding in one word, it would be warmth!

I felt this while around Laila's five sisters while she was getting ready. The parents, the friend who did Laila's makeup, her mother-in-law, her brother-in-law who officiated the wedding ceremony, and the sweet flower girls who held Laila's hands while praying for her before she walked down the aisle.

Since the wedding took place in February, I suggested "first look" and taking the wedding party pictures before the ceremony. Brandon & Laila made their vows privately after the first look.

While driving to The Venue, where the reception took place, we made multiple stops on our way for pictures!

For our flowers: Heidi's Hobbies Floral & Gifts

Church: Orchard Hill Church

Reception: The Venue in East Troy

Wedding Dress: Bon Bon Belle

Bridesmaids Dresses:

Makeup: Bride's friend Alyssa Randle

Hair: Elle Everson Hair

Ties: J Robert's MensWear

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