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An Elopement Ceremony at Villa Terrace, Milwaukee WI

Kim & Miguel were interested in a small cozy ceremony that only included family members. They were also interested in having their ceremony at a location that reflects their personality. “Miguel & I had met while I was on a business trip in Spain,” Kim explained.

The couple asked me for some location options; one of my suggestions was Villa Terrace. “After checking the website, we knew that Villa Terrace is the perfect place for our ceremony,” Kim continues.

The unparalleled beauty of a Mediterranean-style villa is a beautiful reminder of Kurtuba, Spain, where Miguel is natively from. The terrace, which overlooks Lake Michigan and the Renaissance Garden, is a perfect location for the ceremony.

Villa Terrace is a Mediterranean country house dropped into an urban setting. As a result, the house and garden contrast dramatically with neighboring structures. The home is low in profile, set back behind a walled forecourt. It is a house that points away from the street, turning inward to its courtyard, terrace, and garden. It speaks of intimacy, subdued elegance, and domesticity quite unlike anything else along Terrace Avenue, making the place a perfect background for beautiful wedding pictures.

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