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An Elopement Winter Wedding, The Intimate Ceremony of Cory & Haley

Cory & Haley were planning for a destination Hawaiian wedding. However, they decided to have their ceremony in Milwaukee before they leave to include some family members that won't be able to travel along with them.

Cory & Haley met through work and have been together for three years. During our initial meeting, they talked about their relationship, how much they love their jobs,. Haley is a nurse practitioner; Cory is a physician. They also spoke about the house they’re building together, and their idea to incorporate the house in some of their wedding pictures!

The ceremony took place at Cory's brother's house; who also happened to be the ceremony officiant.

Even though the couple decided on a small intimate ceremony, they still made sure to transform the space into a beautiful wedding room with a lovely arch, decorated with elegant satin drapes that were the perfect background for the ceremony.

After family pictures, we went outside for the couple's photo session. We also stopped by the house they're building for some pictures there.

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