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An Engagement Photo Session At Lake Park

Rainy and gloomy weather does not necessarily have to end in you rescheduling your photo session. This weather could perfect - if the photographer knows how to get the best out of it.

Rainy and cloudy days offer great light quality for portrait sessions. It also offers a moody and romantic look. It transforms the location into a fresh and vibrant place.

Of course, the couples (as well as the photographer) need to prepare in advance for the possibility of rain. Things like dressing appropriately, choosing the right location and bringing an umbrella with you are important parts of preparation for the session.

It’s also important for photographers to talk to the couples in advance and make sure that they welcome rain in their session - a rainy day could scare some couples, and it would be a good option for them to reschedule.

This was not the case for Arial & John. They were excited to know that there is a possibility of rain during their scheduled engagement photo session.

Arial & John’s engagement photo session took place at Lake Park. It only rained for some part of it, however, the couples enjoyed the whole session.

Lake Park is one of the parks that has multiple locations for pictures. The stairs behind the Bartolotta's restaurant is great for group pictures. Also, the bath way down to the Lincoln Memorial Drive has beautiful scenery, a stone falls, stone benches and bridges, and the Oak Leaf Trail will take you to the North Point lighthouse. Just behind the lighthouse, there is a very nice shed that also is great for pictures.

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