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Outdoor Locations for a Photo Session in the Milwaukee Area.

As a photographer, I am always in search of locations for couples, family sessions, and senior sessions. I know that I will keep adding to this list as time passes by.

The path starts with a beautiful entrance that will take you down the stone steps to multiple wooden bridges - ending up at the sandy beach of Lake Michigan.

This park is huge, with many location options for pictures. I think that any picnic area would give you plenty of choices for pictures.

Frame Park

It’s exactly as it’s named. The park is well maintained. It has some beautiful benches, a stone and wooden frame path, a beautiful small creek, a colorful flower garden, and a lake as well. The only aspect that photographers need to pay attention to is that the park needs to be reserved for the photoshoot on weekends due to the heavy traffic for pictures there.

This is one of the parks that has multiple locations for pictures. The stairs behind the Bartolotta's restaurant is great for group pictures. Also, the bath way down to the Lincoln Memorial Drive has beautiful scenery, a stone falls, stone benches and bridges, and the Oak Leaf Trail will take you to the North Point lighthouse. Just behind the lighthouse, there is a very nice shed that also is great for pictures.

Just at the entrance of the parking lot to the War Memorial, you will have access to a beautiful view at Veteran’s Park. What’s great about this spot is that you’ll be on a hill looking down at both the lake and the park.

A photographer’s permit is required to photograph there, but the location is wonderful with multiple spots and options.

I love this area. The red lighthouse, the big rocks next to the lake as well as all the other spots close by.

If you are interested in an urban, industrial style look, this would be a good location option. The light quality is great due to the location of the bridge.

You would never go wrong with all wonderful alleys in this area. Every time I go there for a senior session, I choose a different path or a new spot which gives me lots of new options. It’s an urban, rustic look, with great wall textures, doors, and all kinds of color bricks.

This place is a great option for outdoor locations as much as indoors. The building has a wonderful courtyard, a great balcony, beautiful doors, and arches. It’s just perfect. It does require a $7.00 entrance fee and you need to make a reservation prior to going there. I’ve always had a good experience with the staff there.

The park has a lovely bridge and the wonderful city view as well as the water view to offer, all that would make a great option for a photo session.

This is another park that is located on Lake Michigan. If you park in the parking lot and make your way to the sandy beach. You will find lots of spots for pictures on your way.

This place is a great option for indoor as well as outdoor. It has a beautiful courtyard with lots of architectural detail. They do request a call in advance to let them know that you’re coming for a photo session.

This park is most famous for its Domes, which could be used as an indoor location. However, It also has a beautiful lake and scenery for outdoor photography as well.

I always like to stop there for a few minutes if I’m doing a session at the lake or downtown for some pictures at the entrance of the building. The arches make such a beautiful background for couples. Also, the light quality is great.



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